About Generous for Churches

Generous for Churches has been designed and developed by an experienced mission-minded team with ‘in the trenches’ experience helping churches.

Our software has helped generate over 600 million US dollars of generosity.


Who we are

We love playing our part in making a positive difference in this world and partnering with others who share that passion.

We delight in creating powerful digital platforms that communicate stories of lives transformed and raise more money for their incredible work.

We get frustrated when well thought out UX is interrupted and a supporter is taken away from a branded website to give.

We can’t stand it when time and resources are wasted dealing with systems that don’t talk to one another.

Together we dreamt of creating something that is not only a joy to use, but highly functional and intuitive – supporting all the people involved in making an impact for good in this world.

Looking for a donation solution for your charity? Our sister product Generous is a donation platform for non-profits.